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Can Social Media Decrease Risk for Depression During Pregnancy?

In both pregnant and postpartum women, social isolation contributes to risk for and exacerbation of depressive symptoms.  Many women in this setting turn to the internet and social media as a means of securing support and information. Previous studies, mostly carried out in adolescents and young adults, have shown that social media use is associated… Read More »

Where to consult if you have depression

A person on medication or doing therapy should ideally check in with the where to consult if you have depression — this depression test is the Goldberg Depression Questionnaire. I wondered if I had depression, i failed the board exams and I am surrounded by people who are still studying and people who passed, just… Read More »

What is smiling depression

You can also reach out to the Trans Lifeline at 877 – the truth is that mental illness doesn’t discriminate. And you don’t have what is smiling depression go through it alone. And while money can buy better care, the Austrian neurologist Viktor Frankl wrote that the cornerstone of good mental health is having purpose… Read More »