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Is magnesium the secret to ending PMS? Vitamin eases headaches and cramps

Is magnesium the secret to getting through PMS? Vitamin eases headaches and cramps – but won’t cure your mood swings About 75 percent of women suffer from premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, including headaches, cramps and weight gain Nutritional director Rick Hay says magnesium can help ease these symptoms Vitamin is found in foods such as spinach,… Read More »

7 signs of magnesium deficiency that could be ruining your body goals

Magnesium deficiency affects large numbers of Brits and the signs are symptoms most of us complain about everyday, from aching muscles to disturbed sleep Whoever thought of New Year’s resolutions anyway? The idea of changing your life during the most depressing time of year, when the weather is at its coldest and you’re exhausted, not… Read More »

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THE #1 NATURAL SLEEP AID ON AMAZON – SEE WHY OVER 100,000 AMERICANS CHOOSE LUNA: Get to Sleep Fast & Stay Asleep All Night   Do you suffer from insomnia, sleep deprivation, or simply just cannot get to sleep at night? Can you get to sleep but cannot stay asleep? Do you sleep fine but… Read More »